Helen Storey

Helen Storey is the fourth person to receive the Peter Scott Award for Outstanding Contribution to Charity (2019). It recognises her tremendous commitment to making life better for people in Cumbria building on a track record of doing this elsewhere.

In 2009 Helen began working for Cumbria Reducing Offending Partnership Trust (CROPT) – bringing together organisations who wanted to do something about the social exclusion experienced by offenders. Over a five-year-period, she developed the charity to a staff of seven with 25 volunteers.

In 2016 she set up the Triple A Project (All About Autism). Its aim being to empower those with autism to realise their full potential and build understanding, acceptance and respect. On a practical level this means Triple A provides Cumbria wide support to people with autism and training to professionals. Helen is also clear that the charity can only do this well by involving autistic people in the design and delivery of the training and help. This ‘co-production’ keeps Helen on her toes. She says she is always learning and that, as a result of this approach, three wonderful things began – the Navigator and Positive Pals Programme and the Discovery Panel.

Helen used her Award grant of £2,500 to help the Triple A Team develop the work of the Discovery Panel.