Organisational Development

Some aspects of leading an organisation or managing a team are more challenging than others. Our programme of organisational development aims to be alongside you during those tougher times - helping you to build skills, capacity and resilience. We do this in two ways, through our Step Change grants or via our Future Fixers programme.

Step Change

Step Change is a tailored consultancy service based on the developmental needs of your organisation. It can be used, amongst other things, to:

  • Support planned developments or changes
  • Address issues or challenges including, but not limited to, governance or organisational structure
  • Guide organisations through succession planning for key personnel
  • Provide mentoring or coaching
Apply for Step Change

Criteria for Step Change Programmes

You must be a charitable organisation that is an existing, recent or potential beneficiary of the Trust.

The Step Change consultant will reflect our values, which are:

  • Respect for the skills of charity and community leaders
  • Valuing the contribution of volunteers
  • Understanding the unique demands of the sector
  • Enabling learning rather than ‘doing it for them’
  • Outcome/change focussed

What are we seeking?

  • To ensure that any future support is used to its optimum level by recipient organisations
  • To better equip individuals and organisations for the challenges ahead
  • To upskill the sector

The Process

  • No consultancy happens without the recipient organisation agreeing to it and committing to engaging with the process
  • If the organisation is interested, a no obligation first meeting is arranged between them and the consultant.
  • If all parties agree, a consultancy agreement is then drawn up (including a plan of work over a specified time) and signed by the funder, the organisation and the consultant
  • Any reporting back to the funder is with the explicit agreement and approval of the organisation

Please note, Step Change awards are made independently of other Francis Scott Trust grants and are not a pre-cursor or guarantee of future funding.

Future Fixers

Future Fixers is a Kendal based CIC specialising in training and development, with people and the planet at the heart of everything they do. Our partnership with Future Fixers began in 2022 when we piloted workshops for our grant holders focussed on time and energy management and coaching skills for managers.

This year we are running a series of peer support coaching circles which have also proven popular, with great early feedback.

Interested in the Future Fixers Programme?

Please register your interest if you’d like information on future programmes.

"These sessions are great, they have really changed the way I understand my stress triggers and responses in stressful situations and have prompted me to be more compassionate and understanding without smothering or being over compliant. I’m still working on myself but networking and listening to other people’s challenges has also enabled me to have a wider perspective about the challenges I am facing at work and to find some connection and solidarity from other managers… I see myself in a different light now, I understand that I feel a certain way but then I have choices about how I respond and that these choices can be productive and positive. I’m really enjoying this course, getting a lot out of it and will be attending in July despite being on annual leave. Thank you."

Lou Andrews - Director Client Services, Cancer Care