Youth Led Grants

A grants programme designed and run by young people for young people.

Break the Mould

Break the Mould is now CLOSED for applications. On behalf of the team, many thanks to all of those who submitted applications. The team will be in touch once they have completed the assessment and decision process.

break the mould

As an organisation critically interested in improving conditions for young people, we are using the occasion of our 60th anniversary to launch a programme which shares the privilege and responsibility of distributing funds for their benefit.

The process will distribute £60k to youth groups across our area, based on the objectives and priorities of local young people.

south lakes carers

The 60th year anniversary grant making programme (Breaking the Mould) is an exciting and innovative programme in its own right, but it will also inform our future strategic thinking, giving us better awareness of what’s most important to young people where we live and operate.

It is also our first commitment to improving youth involvement in our activity and processes. What that looks like in future years will depend on the conversations we have during the year and the learning that takes place through our better proximity with young people.