Apply Now - Small Grants

Before you apply, please ensure you are familiar with our eligibility criteria and priorities. If you’re not sure – do get in touch. 

Please note when clicking APPLY NOW it will open a new browser window.

Our Eligibility Criteria and Priorities

We have small (requests up to £5,000) and main (requests over £5,000) funding programmes, please check you are applying to the right programme.  

If you wish to apply for a Step Change development grant, please use the ‘apply now’ link on that page.  

We have a simple, one stage application process. Just click the ‘apply now’ link and you will be taken to the right place to start your application.  

You will need to complete each question and attach the documents requested before final submission.  

We ask for two signatures, one from a Trustee or unpaid Director. They will be sent a link from within the application once you put their contact details in. You can save the application as you go, and will be automatically send a PDF version of your submission, but will not be able to make further amendments once submitted’

You will automatically be sent an acknowledgement email which will be followed up by one of the team within a week of submission. If you do not receive either of these, please be in touch directly to ensure your application has been received.  

Final application deadlines for each round are published on the main grants page and shared via our social media channels.  

If you would like to receive feedback on a draft application, please submit a word version by email to We endeavour, when requested, to provide guidance and feedback to draft submissions received at least two weeks prior to the published deadline date, but are unable to do so closer to the final deadlines.  

A downloadable version of the application can be shared with you for this purpose, please be in touch to request a copy.  

Please be in touch if you have any queries, require guidance or for access to a different format to aid accessibility. We’re available on 01539 742608 or at  

Please note when clicking APPLY NOW it will open a new browser window.